New VW Touareg 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price


New VW Touareg 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price - New VW Touareg 2018 has emerged to replace the previous generation created six years ago. This is the year to prepare a second generation car. The German company has been testing for a model car that has undergone a redesign. This car looks on the road in various occasions in 2016. There are many journalists who won this third-generation model is stuck in traffic. SUV has not been able to share details with you yet you can know the general reviews to be brought from this car.

New VW Touareg 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price

New VW Touareg 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price


The roof of this car is not equipped with camo. The front and rear of the car are covered with a thick wrapper so you cannot see the overall design of this car. You may have to guess the objects in the wrapper. Perhaps this SUV will use a concept called T-Prime. The concept has been shown in a car show held in Beijing in 2016. The first fact that will be of concern is that this car remains in the same proportion. There are many vehicles that will develop when entering the new model but this car has the little change. This is because Germany has created an SUV with seven big seats and the seat certainly will not be bigger than this model. This model does look similar and unreasonable so the assumption says that this model will have size 1.9 meters and 4.8 meters. You cannot see anything from the thick coat that covers the car. The concept has a sign that this car will have a thin headlamp, sporty bumper design, and LED lights for daylight with a shape C. Sleek rear lights will be above the fascia. Perhaps this car will use a protruding steering wheel arch.

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This model will be installed large touch screen on the dashboard. Maybe the screen is only 15 inches. Door panels, instrument clusters, and dashboards will definitely have high technology and modern. The MLB platform will enhance the appeal of this car. Your shoulder and body room will be perfect. The rear compartment definitely has a surprise for you. The cabin and luggage area will be bigger.


This car will definitely use gasoline and diesel engines. Usually, the new model will use V-6 with 3.0 liter. The model also uses a hybrid concept for electric motors. Perhaps this car will also use a 2.0-liter power plant with the 4-cylinder engine. This machine is offered in Europe and China. Perhaps you cannot expect this new model to expand great power but the machine can produce 300 horsepower. If this car uses a hybrid, then this car can produce 400 horsepower. This SUV is guaranteed to be lighter than the old generation.

Price and Release Date

Certain revisions can be seen from SUV stickers. This car uses the latest body and engine. The latest platform will also support this car. Maybe this car will be priced $ 51,000. Usually, the price can increase to € 55,000. Maybe this car will come in 2017. Dealers in the United States can sell this model in 2018. You may be able to wait for the surprise of New VW Touareg 2018.

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